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Dated: March 26 2021

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There is no truth to the idea that one needs to head for the city to find opportunities and growth. The town of Gilbert, AZ has debunked this way of thinking many times over by being one of the fastest-growing places in the outskirts of Phoenix, both in terms of population and economic status.

Find out in the next paragraphs why moving to Gilbert is probably the best decision you will ever make.

What’s not to love?

A report by states that 2010 US Census figures place Gilbert’s population at 208,453. This is estimated to have grown by almost 40,000 in recent times. People are drawn to this dynamic town by the economic leaps and bounds marked by sustainable businesses within the area, as well as its proximity to Phoenix.

But more than the economic stats, people are drawn to Gilbert for the wonderful quality of life that it brings. It has top-ranked schools within its boundaries, various venues for recreation and relaxation, and low incidences of crimes. Moreover, it is blessed with many scenic and historical destinations that all members of the family can appreciate and enjoy.

Mix of old and new

One of the truly inspiring qualities of Gilbert is its thrust toward modernization but not at the expense of its rich heritage. Formerly known as the Hay Capital of the World, Gilbert was a farming community for many years, even after being incorporated in 1920. After its town council approved 53 square miles of land for strip annexation in the 70s, there was no other way to go but up.

The Old Frontier is still very much alive in Gilbert as much of the rugged desert scenery is still well-preserved in the area’s surroundings. Downtown Gilbert has, in fact, restored a water tower from its early days as an agricultural community. A plaza was built around it where locals and visitors can revel at one of the town’s historic markers.

Indoor and outdoor recreation

To truly enjoy living in Gilbert, AZ, you must experience the magnificence of the outdoors here. And you don’t need to go far –the Riparian Reserve at Water Ranch will give you a boost of Mother Nature at her finest. Apart from being a facility where the town’s effluent water is smartly reused, it is also a thriving habitat for around 298 species of birds and other wildlife. Then there are also several golf courses here, miles of equestrian tracks and bike trails, and opportunities for wakeboarding, skateboarding, and listening to live music under the stars.

Speaking of the stars, even those who prefer staying indoors can still do some stargazing in the Gilbert Rotary Centennial Observatory every Friday and Saturday for as long as the weather permits. Then when the Arizona weather gets too hot for comfort, there’s San Tan Village’s Frost and its wide variety of gelato flavors to cool you down.

Real estate

You’re in for a surprise if you’re looking for homes for sale in Gilbert, AZ. There’s an abundance of available single-family homes to choose from here. Its awesome inventory includes anything from 6-bedroom, 5-bathroom luxury mansions complete with pools and fountains to single-floor, 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom starter homes. Common architectural styles here give credence to the notoriously hot Sonoran Desert temperatures, which is why you will find many houses sporting the Mediterranean, colonial, or modern look. Most homes here come with patios, driveways, and an inviting front yard.

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