What makes Tempe AZ a great college town?

Dated: March 26 2021

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When it comes to college towns in Arizona, few can compete with Tempe in terms of delivering a fantastic student experience. With many fantastic amenities nearby, a thriving nightlife, and an abundance of green spaces, it is no surprise to see this town consistently rank highly for college towns across the country. Find out more about what is it like to live in Tempe AZ as a student.

The Excellent Public Transit System

A key reason why Tempe is a great college town is due to the efficient transport network. It’s fairly easy and cost-effective to get around thanks to the wonderful public transit system. Residents and students can take advantage of light rail, buses, and even some free shuttles. Moreover, there are also numerous cycling paths, and the town in general is fairly walkable, which is great for students who don’t own a car.

Highly Rated University

One major reason why Tempe is a fantastic college town is due to the highly prestigious Arizona State University. (ASU) This world class institution attracts the brightest students, and it is also a major employer in the town. Many students end up staying in the town after graduation due to the numerous employment opportunities in many industries. The town and the university have been collaborating for decades, and this has led to many successful projects. As well as providing high-class education, the university is also actively involved within the cultural scene of the town. They hold regular events that include exhibits, productions, and concerts. Students tend to be highly involved in these events, and they are always popular with residents.

Dynamic Atmosphere

Tempe is a fantastic location for facilitating the perfect study/play balance. You can expect a lively urban feel, alongside plenty of green spaces to explore. The town offers a variety of hiking trails suitable for all levels, and residents are fond of getting involved in all types of outdoor activities. There is always something to get involved in throughout the year, which makes it a great fit for those looking to get a varied college experience. Residents can also enjoy world-class restaurants, top-rated breweries, and a range of shopping experiences. A college student couldn’t really ask much more from a town.

All of these factors make Tempe AZ a fantastic college town. However, it is also a great fit for young professionals and families alike. It comes out on top for many key livability metrics such as safety, employment prospects, green spaces, and local amenities.

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