Tips to market your home to millennial buyers

Dated: March 26 2021

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Millennials make up a significant portion of today’s real estate market. According to the 2020 National Association of Realtors’ generational trends report, people aged 22 to 39 comprise a pretty significant slice of the entire real estate market, i.e., a whopping 38% of home buyers.

As the number of millennial buyers grows, sellers need to adapt their marketing techniques to appeal to the largest group of homebuyers. Follow these essential tips to make your home stand out:

Post good listing photos

Millennials are more likely to look for homes online than other generations of buyers. Posting outstanding listing photos is key to making a good first impression.

First off, make sure to take pictures of the home from the street to give your potential buyers a sense of the home’s curb appeal.

Simple cleaning, decluttering, and depersonalizing can also go a long way towards boosting appeal. If you want to go all-out, redecorate your home to make it more desirable for potential buyers. For optimal results, stage your property before your photoshoot.

To make sure your home translates well in pictures, hire a professional real estate photographer. They’ll know how to play around with angles and lighting to make the various details of your property pop.

Be upfront about the details

Millennials or not, buyers appreciate honesty and transparency. When writing a property description, avoid either embellishing too much or downplaying the negative aspects of your property.

Millennials see buying a home as a financial investment in addition to being a more personal purchase. Get a home inspection done and always make the appropriate disclosures. Keeping your property in tiptop shape will, of course, help you earn top dollar when you sell.

Highlight modern features

Millennials are all about energy-efficiency and high-tech features. This generation looks for homes that can keep up with their technological needs. Also, a majority of millennials prefer homes that offer sustainability. If your property has solar panels or smart home devices, put these features front and center.

Increase your property’s value with advanced modern features. Switch out old light fixtures with updated smart LED lighting. Replace your current AC unit with a smart thermostat. Install a variety of energy-saving appliances.

Market on social media

To reach a millennial target audience, turn to social media. Entice millennial buyers by uploading video tours, 3D tours, or other interactive means of showcasing your property. Provide links to blog posts or pictures of the neighborhood to highlight the lifestyle.

Enhance your social media presence. Use apps or interact with websites where millennials are known to hang out. Go on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, and other online platforms to get your property out there and find potential buyers. Also, use a friendly, casual tone of voice on marketing materials for better audience engagement.

Use online tools

Make the sale as convenient as possible. Since a lot of millennials are on the go, focus on ways to make things accessible, and pave the way for a smooth transaction. Use online tools for documentation, paperwork, and transaction services.

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