Stay in: Phoenix attractions you can tour from home

Dated: March 26 2021

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Technology has opened many doors. And in this day and age where we are encouraged to stay at home, it has also created ways for us to enjoy a plethora of attractions and activities without stepping outside. 

Here are a couple of online virtual tours to take, offered by some of Phoenix’s most esteemed cultural institutions and entertainment destinations.

  1. Herberger Theater Center

    Herberger Theater Center’s Art Gallery remains closed, but the administration has decided to showcase two exhibits online for anyone interested. In Celebration of Women is one of the two virtual tours. It features a collection of art, all made by female Arizona artists. The other virtual tour, Candid, features photographs also taken by local photographers.

  2. OdySea Aquarium

    Take a deep dive underwater through OdySea Aquarium’s live cameras. They continue to stream videos of their Deep Ocean exhibit, allowing you to watch schools of fish and majestic sharks swim by in their tanks. It is a peaceful and calming tour, perfect if you want to escape the stress of daily life. They also livestream videos of their sea lion exhibit at certain times. OdySea Aquarium’s Instagram is also regularly updated with photos of their resident penguins, otters, and more.

  3. Peoria public arts

    Thanks to Peoria’s Arts Commission, it is much easier to explore Peoria and view its fantastic collection of public art installations. This virtual map is a user-friendly platform that allows you to see each and every one of Peoria’s statues and paintings with just a click of a button. There are a total of 24 sites included in the virtual map, from the adorable “Puppy Love” statue in Osuna Park to the colorful “Mirage” mural that adorns one of the walls along New River Trailhead.

  4. Phoenix Art Museum

    Phoenix’s largest repository of art is active on various social media platforms to bring the museum experience to homes. Their Instagram and Facebook pages regularly showcase some of the artwork on display in the museum for their weekly “Virtual Visits” and art trivia. On Mondays, Phoenix Art Museum also shares music that complements the featured art for that day.

  5. Phoenix Zoo

    Learn more about Phoenix Zoo’s residents at home through their Digital Safaris as well as behind-the-scenes footage. Each Digital Safari is focused on a particular species or exhibit in Phoenix Zoo, so be sure to check the archives if you have missed any of the previous tours. Phoenix Zoo’s Digital Safaris also feature informative talks hosted by keepers and live educational programming sessions.

    Aside from the virtual tours, Phoenix Zoo has also created materials for you to bond with your loved ones. There are quizzes to take, games to play, crafts to make, as well as downloadable content to be enjoyed offline.

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