Simple ways you can downsize for retirement

Dated: March 18 2021

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Downsizing is a great step to move towards retirement. If you are unsure of what to do or where to start, our handy guide will help you through.

Where do you want to retire?

First things first: let’s determine where you want to retire. Doing so will help set things into motion.

There are several things you need to consider. First, think of what you want to do during your retirement. Are you looking to pursue an active lifestyle? Second, what are your needs? If you need some medical assistance, it might be best to choose a place that is either close to medical facilities or offers the type of care you need.

Other factors, such as proximity to friends and family, as well as weather, must also be considered. These will all help you narrow down your choices.

How much space do you need?

Investing in a large home goes against the basic principles of downsizing. Still, it is important you find a retirement home that fits your needs perfectly.

One way to determine how much space you need is how you are using your current home. For instance, if you are living in a 3-bedroom home but are only really using one for yourself and one for guests, you should consider moving into a 2-bedroom home.
Make sure you are financially ready
You may be downsizing, but that does not mean you are downgrading. Home prices greatly vary in different states and markets. In Arizona, real estate options are wide-ranging and diverse. Being financially capable to shoulder both purchase and homeownership costs is a must.

If you are unfamiliar with current real estate values in the market, do not hesitate to talk to a local real estate expert. He or she will help you find a retirement home that is within your needs and price range.

Sort your personal belongings carefully

Going through all of your belongings is an important step in downsizing. We are not just talking about clothing and accessories. Furniture, appliances, and other items must be sorted as well into three categories: keep, give, or sell.

Involving your family and friends in this process is also a great way to bond. They might find things they like from your possessions, and you can give them away as keepsakes. Additionally, they can help you decide which items to keep or let go.

If you are unsure with certain items, do not make hasty decisions. Mull things over and decide when you are ready. The last thing you want is to let go of an item you actually wanted to keep.

You might also find yourself wanting to keep certain things without taking it with you to your retirement home. In such cases, you can store these items in a storage facility.

Aeris House Properties has helped many retirees find their dream retirement homes in Arizona. Get in touch with our team today so you can start exploring your options in some of the finest communities in the state.

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