Selling tips: The best paint colors for your kitchen

Dated: March 26 2021

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One of the biggest myths when it comes to home selling is that you can’t play with colors when you’re home staging. The problem with sticking to neutral hues is that going all-neutral can make the house look like it lacks character. Without sparking the imagination of buyers, you might find it difficult to convince them to put in offers. And, when selling a home in Arizona, you need to make your property stand out since the competition can be stiff, particularly in the Metro Phoenix area.

One of the most important home staging tips is to make sure your kitchen looks beautiful. It’s one of the rooms that can make or break a sale, and making it look good doesn’t have to be expensive or stressful. Sometimes all you need is a little paint!

Whether you’re improving all the walls and surfaces or just some of them, here are some of the best colors you can choose from.

  • Blue or Green – These bright yet cool shades are favorites for the kitchen since they’re soothing to the eye. Lighter shades like apple green and turquoise give the space a refreshing and cheerful feel.

  • Gray – This trendy color can be seen in modern homes. Like an edgier neutral, it can be paired with black, white, or colorful accents. Choose a gray shade with bluish undertones that give the space a calming effect.

  • Brown, Beige, or White – These are neutrals that are an excellent choice if your kitchen features bright, colorful accents or wooden furniture. Make sure to pick a shade that complements the countertops and floors.

  • Black – It’s a bold choice, but it usually pays off. Just make sure you execute it in a way that makes the room look elegant and not gothic or scary. Chic black walls complement stainless steel appliances and white furnishings well.

Here are other ways that you can make your kitchen stand out:

  1. An accent wall

    Instead of painting the entire kitchen, why not designate an accent wall? The rest of the walls can remain neutral, while you just have to paint one side. This trend is easy to pull off and makes for a stunning visual when done right.

  2. Wallpapers

    Will it be easier and more affordable for you put up wallpaper? By all means, do so! There’s a chance your buyer will repaint the walls anyway, so an easy and inexpensive fix would be great for home staging purposes.

  3. Backsplash

    This idea might entail making a bigger investment, but if you’re not planning on selling soon, you can enjoy the kitchen upgrade. Make your selection from classic backsplash palettes or choose prints that are striking but not jarring.

Of course, there’s no rule saying you can’t paint all your walls to give the kitchen a makeover.

When selling your home, make sure that you consult a trusted real estate agent in Arizona, such as Aeris House Properties. With years of experience in the Phoenix Metro Area, our team can help you with advice on home staging and with the rest of your real estate needs. Contact us today at 602.466.9771 or email

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