New job opportunities seen with Northrop Grumman growth

Dated: March 26 2021

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Gilbert and the surrounding areas in Arizona are consistently ranked highly for livability. One of the reasons why they are so desirable, is due to the excellent employment opportunities. One major employer in the area is Northrop Grumman who are a giant Aerospace company that has an annual revenue of over $30 Billion. The company has decided to open a new facility for its manufacturing operations that is located in Gilbert to use for satellite manufacturing. This move is poised to bring plenty of new employment opportunities to the area. The company has stated that they expect over 200 new jobs to be added as a direct result. Take a closer look as to what Gilbert residents can expect as a result of this expansion.

This new facility will be 220,00 square feet in total, and allow the company to continue to provide world-class space hardware for their global clientele. 120,00 square feet of office space will be used alongside 100,000 square foot for the manufacturing facility. Many job positions will be available within three years, and the city is set to receive an economic boost as a result of this expansion. Northrop Grumman is an employer that will attract many highly educated workers from across the state and country. The vice president has stated that he sees Gilbert as an important strategic location for the company to continue growing. This expansion follows on from the current facility in Gilbert that has become vital for the company.

Aside from the Gilbert expansion, the company also recently opened Launch Vehicles Headquarters in Chandler, which underlines the growing influence that it is having in the surrounding areas. Those living in Gilbert, are able to commute to other Northrop Grumman facilities. The entire town is able to benefit from these expansions, and employment figures continue to be steady. It is therefore no surprise that houses for sale in Scottsdale AZ and single-family homes for sale in Gilbert AZ are becoming highly demanded. The area has the amenities and the properties that make it a great fit for young families and single professionals alike.

Arizona is known for being the hub of Aerospace development, and Northrop Grumman has played a huge role in this. The continued investment of the company in the state means that there is job growth in fields such as engineering, technology, and manufacturing.

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