Keep these things in mind if you want to buy a house with good resale value

Dated: March 26 2021

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A great home should fit your lifestyle – no one will argue that. But what’s not often discussed is how well your home will sell in the future. A home is a big investment and neglecting how it will appreciate could be a potentially huge mistake.

Even though the median length of time that typical American homeowners stay in their home is 13 years, changing circumstances and factors can rule out the possibility of a lengthy stay.

Focus on these factors and increase your chances of owning a home with good resale value.


An evergreen piece of real estate advice for buyers: carefully choosing the neighborhood (and street) of your home can ensure its value into the future. Peaceful neighborhoods near downtown areas are highly desirable since these are generally walkable and offer access to amenities without the noise or traffic. Homes in areas with active communities (such as those with homeowners’ associations) also tend to hold their value well because more effort goes into making homes in the area presentable.


Even if your design tastes are eclectic, invest in a home with a traditional layout. Single-level, open-floor homes are popular with buyers for several reasons. It’s easy to move around and communicate, there’s plenty of natural light, and the lack of walls allows for flexible use of space. Unique layouts and structures can make great style statements but they risk alienating buyers.


Older homes, though charming, usually come with more maintenance. Still, they have the potential for good returns as long as they’re properly maintained. Pay attention to the condition of a home’s heat and cooling systems, as well as electrical and plumbing systems. Ask the seller about upgrades and repairs they’ve done and validate these with your home inspector’s report.

If you’re buying an older home that needs some repairs, you can increase resale value by improving its energy efficiency. Ceiling fans, dual-pane windows, and smart temperature control systems are some features that potential buyers should be willing to pay for.

Family friendliness

Even if your personal plans don’t include a family, consider a home that could house one as this will increase the number of interested buyers you’ll receive when it’s time to sell. How can a home be family-friendly? Here are some common features:

  • It’s located in a district with great schools
  • It has more than two bedrooms and at least two bathrooms
  • It has plenty of storage and closet space
  • It has a family area or two

Amenities and potential

Aside from family friendliness, additional amenities can add to a home’s resale value. Check if these already exist (or can be added later) in the homes you’re considering for your purchase:

  • a deck, patio, or any other outdoor living area
  • a spacious living room and kitchen
  • a garage
  • views (an overlooked intangible value)
  • access to transportation
  • access to cultural and social spaces like libraries, museums, parks, and restaurants.

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