Is it possible to sell your home fast in Arizona?

Dated: March 18 2021

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Are you planning on selling your Arizona home soon? Our title question might have crossed your mind. Real estate markets rise and fluctuate depending on a lot of factors. That said, it is entirely possible to sell your home within a shorter timeframe if you play your cards right.

Here are a couple of tips that can help you sell your home quickly. Consider these and incorporate it to your selling strategy. Good luck!

The price is everything

Your property’s price will always be its key selling point, so set it well. A price higher than average can turn off buyers, while a low number can lead to loss in your part.

There are several ways to help you determine the right amount. A market analysis provides you an in-depth look, identifying whether the market is that of buyers’ or sellers’. If it’s the former, you need to price competitively. The latter allows you more room to set a higher price.

Looking at comps also helps you set a competitive price. Comps are properties that are similar to yours, not only in location, but in size, features, and conditions.

You can choose comps that were sold within the past 6 months, comps that are currently for sale, and comps that are “pending,” waiting for the sale to finalize.

Compare all these figures with the estimated market price of your property, which you can get by consulting a licensed appraiser.

Make key home updates

Updating your home to reflect current trends is one way to stand out from the competition and sell your home faster.

You don’t need to incorporate all of the trends. A fresh coat of paint inside and outside the home can already do wonders for your property. New fixtures and lighting and improved curb appeal are also great additions that don’t need to cost much.

Making repairs and replacing defective or outdated features are also welcome. All these investments are sure to pay off, as home buyers always love a move-in ready home.

Clean the whole place

No one likes to be sold a dirty home. In addition to making up grades and fixes, thoroughly clean the property from top to bottom. Give every nook and cranny attention to get rid of all the dust and grime.

If your house has an attic, a basement, or any unused space, make sure to clean these areas as well. Your main goal is to make the property look absolutely presentable for open houses and tours.

Going through your personal belongings also help. Depersonalize and de- clutter the home to allow buyers to see the property as it is and envision themselves living in the space. Simple but thoughtful decor, such as a vase of flowers, a clean stack of books or magazines, or framed photographs (not yours) should be able to do the trick.

Aeris House Properties has been helping many homeowners sell their homes in Arizona. Talk to us to learn more about the full scope of our home-selling services.

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