How to create stunning photos to sell your home quicker?

Dated: February 2 2021

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You’ve finally decided to sell your home… now what? If you talk to a real estate agent in Arizona, one of the things you’ll probably discuss is home staging. Virtually all homes for sale undergo this process in order to attract buyers. Even simply cleaning and decluttering, which is a basic part of staging, can have a huge impact on selling your home.

With more people preferring to shop from home nowadays, it’s more important than ever to not just have a well-staged home, but a well-photographed one. You or your agent may need to hold a virtual tour of your home, which is something that has become more common these days. You will also want your property to stand out on online property listings sites, which are where the majority of buyers will see your home for the first time.

Who should take the photos?

Ideally, you will want to work with a professional. An experienced house photographer can bring out the best features of your home that will capture the attention of your prospects. They can also suggest ways to rearrange furniture, etc. in order to create better photos.

If you don’t have the budget to hire a pro on top of moving and other selling costs of if you simply must take the photos yourself, here are some home staging tips you need to keep in mind:

  1. Keep clutter out.

    There shouldn’t be room for anything dirty or messily organized in your photos. Make sure you don’t skip the essential first steps of home staging: cleaning and decluttering. Then, take a test shot and see what else you need to clear out before the actual photography session.

  2. Look for pegs.

    There are so many sources of inspiration when it comes to stunning home photos. For instance, there’s Pinterest and digital magazines, where you can easily browse creative ideas. There’s also online listings where you can check out what properties near you look like, so you can showcase how your home stands out.

  3. Take photos when there’s lots of natural light.

    Natural light instantly enhances a photo composition. Choose a time in the morning or early afternoon when the sun is bright. But make sure the light is not too harsh. This can make rooms look too stark or sterile. Indoors, manipulate the artificial lights in such a way that gives your home a bright yet warm and cozy vibe.

  4. Add greenery.

    Flowers and plants instantly spruce up a space, and the pops of color are refreshing in pictures. If you don’t have live greenery, look for realistic arrangements that you can use as props for home staging. Aside from indoor plants, consider adding natural elements to your entryways and outdoor areas.

  5. Use people or pets as applicable.

    Make your space homier with a human or a furry friend. These elements bring home interiors to life and can make them look more appealing to buyers. It helps them imagine living in your home.

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