How to “right-size”: Defining the perfect home size for you

Dated: March 18 2021

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A crucial factor for finding the perfect home size is the number of people that will be living in it. You want a home that will give each person their own personal space, but not so much space that will make them feel like they’re living apart from each other.

A home that’s too large can cause problems just as much as one that’s too small. Downsizing can help correct some of those issues but first, you need to study the parameters of what will constitute a right-sized home.

Problems with too-large homes

The ongoing trend is that larger homes are being built on smaller lots. This is the complete opposite of how homes were built 20 to 30 years ago. That means that a 3,000-square foot home built in the 80s had more land attached to it than a home of the same size today. The effect would be that of a hulking house on top of a tiny yard which is a big dampener on the property’s curb appeal. Plus, there is also the issue of having a minimized outdoor living space with barely enough elbow room for typical yard activities.

One must also remember that big bills come with a big home. Mortgage payments, property taxes, utility bills, repair, maintenance bills, and many more – all these will put a strain on your budget due to the bigger home upkeep. Even payment for house help will be higher due to the wider expanse of home space to tidy up and clean.

Family relations can also be negatively affected by the wide berth at home. With every family member having their own personal space, the tendency to “cocoon” oneself from the rest of the world becomes stronger. You may all live together under one roof but you barely see each other enough to interact.

Determine your perfect home size

There are some objective ways to tell if your home is too big. A telltale sign would be empty rooms or those that are only used for storage.

Think about the rooms you absolutely must have, as well as the rooms you rarely use. Take a walk around your current home and give each room a critical glance. Are these rooms being used often enough to justify paying for it?

Granted you have spare rooms at the moment – you must also think of future needs. You may just need that extra space later on to house aging parents or new additions to the family.On the other hand, you may be left with so much empty space when the children grow up and move out. These are what you should factor in when determining the right size of the home you plan to buy.

Also, try to reflect if the sheer size of your home is causing your stress. Worrying about how you’re going to find time to keep it clean and organized is an indication that your space is too large for you.

Buying a house is not about having the biggest one on the block but having one that will fit the lifestyle you lead, as well as your plans for the future. Let that be your guide in choosing the right-sized home for you.

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