Home staging: How curating your home can get you better offers

Dated: March 26 2021

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Staging a home is another way of saying you’re making it look its best for buyers. Home staging borrows many principles from interior design and uses these to portray a home in a flattering but neutral light. The goal is to make the home attractive to a wide range of buyers, so that offers will keep coming.

Here are some reasons to stage your home and how to go about it.

  1. Your home will look its best.

    As previously mentioned, home staging highlights the main features of your home so that flaws seem minor by comparison. Think of it as a job candidate (your home) preparing for an important interview (the listing). The candidate aces the interview by emphasizing the skills they have to complement the job (staging).

    Staging doesn’t have to entail costly or extensive renovations. Many homes do well with a thorough cleaning and decluttering, plus a few minor remodeling projects (a new coat of paint, some landscaping, and DIY-friendly interior upgrades).

  2. Staged homes sell faster.

    Because of the current situation, more buyers are starting their home search online. With their polished and thought-out presentation, staged homes get a lot of attention and clicks. There’s professional evidence for it, too: more than 50% of the seller’s agents surveyed by the National Association of Realtors (NAR) on the effects of home staging observed that staging lowered “the amount of time a home spends on the market.

  3. Staged homes close higher.

    According to the same NAR survey, 37% of buyer’s agents stated that staged homes increased the price of offers, with 41% of seller’s agents agreeing. The only contentions surrounded the amount of increase – many reported increases of up to 5% while some went as high as 10% and 20%.

    Though a few other factors will affect how well your home sells (location, local market, and size), the evidence shows that staging a home does give a boost to its resale value.

Get started by:

Concentrating on living areas and the primary bedroom

The living room, kitchen, and primary bedroom are the three areas that leave the strongest impressions on buyers because of the high human traffic here. Prioritize these areas in your staging. Rearrange the furniture for the best flow and movement and update spaces with a fresh coat of paint and new hardware and fixtures.

Getting professional insight.

You don’t have to hire a home staging professional to get informed input for your staging plans. Ask your real estate agent for tips and suggestions. They can point you in the right direction since they know what buyers in the area want to see in terms of decor and amenities.

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