Gilbert outranks other US cities in safety, livability surveys

Dated: March 26 2021

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Gilbert, is an Arizionian city that has become increasingly popular for those looking to move into a new location. With a host of fantastic single-family homes for sale in Gilbert AZ, and plenty of local amenities, it is not hard to see why this city has become a top choice for many. In recent years, it has been outranking many other US cities in terms of safety, liveability, and many other key metrics. Have a look at why Gilbert consistently comes out on top for long-term living.

The city is home to around 250,000 permanent residents, and it was deemed to be the fourth safest city in the country in a ranking conducted by WalletHub. This ranking was based on factors such as home/community safety, and risk of natural disaster. Furthermore, the city was ranked as the 12th most livable city by SmartAsset. This ranking took into account many factors such as crime rates, unemployment levels, housing costs, and walkability.

To residents of Gilbert, these rankings would have come with no surprise. Living in Gilbert AZ allows residents to prosper in a city that has a renowned education system, and plenty of fantastic green areas to explore. The town is known for being family-friendly, and most residents are highly educated. Additionally, it has become known for its excellent urban planning that makes areas such as the Heritage district easy to navigate. It scores highly in safety, partly due to the highly involved community who all play a part. This is a warm town that provides a friendly atmosphere both to visitors and residents alike. The high-quality of life means that many homebuyers are interested in Gilbert homes for sale.

There are plenty of fantastic amenities in Gilbert, and residents are able to enjoy plenty of activities all-year round. With large parks, excellent restaurants, and premium shopping experiences, the city comes out on top for providing a high-quality of life for its citizens. It is no surprise that Gilbert came 7th in a WalletHub ranking of best cities to raise a family.

Another key factor that attracts new residents is the excellent employment opportunities. The median household income comes in at over $87,000, and many huge employers have influential centres within Gilbert and surrounding areas. Notable employers in Gilbert include GoDaddy, Dignity Health, and Banner Health. Many young professionals move into the city due to the excellent employment prospects and the growing job market.

It should now be clear that Gilbert is a prime location within Arizona, and it is well worth considering making the move. If you are thinking of buying properties for sale in Gilbert AZ, then it is vital to rely on a professional real estate team that has the best understanding of the local area. Aeris House Properties is always ready to guide you through the house buying process. Call us at 602.466.9771 or send us an email at

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