Five ways to keep your house clean and virus-free

Dated: March 26 2021

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Social distancing and staying at home are not the only things you can do to keep the coronavirus at bay. Considering how it can live on surfaces, proper hygiene and cleanliness, especially at home, will help protect you and your loved ones. Below are five tips that will ensure your house remains germ- and virus-free even after the pandemic. 

    1. Create a cleaning schedule

      Set up a cleaning schedule based on the activity in your home. Ideally, surfaces should be cleaned every six to eight hours. Vacuuming should be done at least two times a week. But if you live with essential workers or you are one, the schedule will need to be stricter and tighter.

    2. Set up a disinfecting station by the front door

      Having a disinfecting station by the entryway helps keep the virus from entering the home. Everyone who has been outside should wash their hands or at least use alcohol or sanitizer. Prepare a laundry basket for clothing so everyone can easily discard their exposed clothes before proceeding inside.

      Set up a table complete with disinfectants, tissues, and wipes to clean bags and packages from outside. A waste bin should be beside the table for disposed tissue, plastic, and packaging. Finally, make sure to keep shoes in one part of the entryway. Do not let anyone who has been outside enter the home wearing dirty shoes.

    3. Wash worn clothes immediately

      The coronavirus can also live in fabrics for some time. Take all dirty clothes to the washing machine as soon as possible and use warm water. Do not shake dirty clothing as the virus can land on other surfaces and even people who are nearby. Doing laundry everyday can be cumbersome, but it helps to further minimize risk of contamination at home.

    4. Use doormats and vacuum them regularly

      Doormats are handy in that they trap particles using their fibers. By setting them up on high-traffic areas, you prevent any virus, as well as dust particles and allergens, from spreading throughout the home. Just make sure to vacuum the rugs regularly, at least once a day. Waiting until the doormats become too dirty will be counterproductive as they won’t be able to filter excess particles.

    5. Use the right cleaning products (and use them well)

      Not all cleaning products in the market have the same level of efficacy against the coronavirus. When you go shop for disinfectants and other cleaning agents, look for products with any of the following ingredients: citric acid, ethanol, sodium hypochlorite, hydrogen peroxide, pine oil, and quaternary ammonium compounds. These are frequently used but highly effective disinfectants. Use EPA’s guide for a full list of ingredients to look out for when purchasing disinfectants and other cleaning products.

It is also worth noting that disinfectants are only effective if used properly. Make sure to read the instructions carefully and remember the wait times. Doing so will allow the disinfectant to clean the surface thoroughly before wiping. For furniture and other items that cannot be cleaned by disinfectant, use plain soap. 

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