Career projections for Arizona in 2020

Dated: March 25 2021

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A key priority for those considering moving to Arizona is the employment opportunities. For those living in Scottsdale, AZ, and for those living in the East Valley, the general employment prospects tend to be good. This is a key reason why many residents are flocking to these cities. Have a look at the current career projections for Arizona in 2020.

The current employment report states that employment in Arizona is projected to grow 2.6% annually over a two-year period. Construction and financial activities are poised to see the largest growth in this timespan. The education and health services are projected to see the largest job gains.

In the manufacturing field, there is projected to be a growth of 3.6%, which equals around 12,484 jobs. Industrial truck and track operator is the specific field that is projected to see the highest growth. Healthcare is a broad field that will also have many new openings. In particular, there will be a high demand for home health aides, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners.

The fastest-growing jobs in Arizona include; miner, rod buster, operations analyst, roofer, cement mason, HVAC technician, helper, translator, electrician, and construction worker. These jobs are fairly future-proof and will be highly demanded within the next decade. For those looking for secure jobs that provide stability, these are the ones to keep a close eye on. Overall, Arizona is an attractive state for many employers, and below, you can have a look at the top employers.

Largest Employers in Arizona

There are many huge companies that have their headquarters in Arizona. Here are some of the top employers in the state for 2020.

    • PetSmart

The biggest employer in the state is PetSmart, and it has over 53,000 employees across the country. The headquarters is based in the state in the city of Phoenix for this American retail chain that specializes in pet products.

    • Banner Health

Another huge company headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, is the non-profit health system known as Banner Health. It is the largest employer in the state and has over 50,000 employees across the country. In total, it operates around 28 hospitals and some specialized facilities across the country.

    • Circle K

Phoenix isn’t the only city in the country where companies are choosing to headquarter. Circle K is located in Tempe and has over 40,000 employees across the country. The convenience store company has a large presence in Arizona.

    • Amkor Technology

The city of Chandler is also projected for positive employment growth in the next few years. Amkor Technology is a semiconductor product packaging and test services provider that has been based in the city since 2005. The company employs over 29,000 people across the country.

Career projections currently look positive for many areas in Arizona. For those living in Gilbert, the employment prospects definitely seem worthwhile. The same goes for residents living in Scottsdale.

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