5 reasons you'll want to move to Tempe

Dated: March 25 2021

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Did you know that Tempe ranks as one of the best places to live in America? Often over shined by it’s more popular sister cities Phoenix and Scottsdale, Tempe is a standalone city that perfectly melds entertainment with a relaxed, friendly home town feeling.

Tempe has so much more to offer than Arizona State University. Here are some of the most overlooked reasons why you need to move to Tempe.

It’s a Blooming Urban Center

For over a century major metros like New York City, Los Angeles, and Chicago have made it difficult to imagine having the country’s epicenters for skyscrapers and industry anywhere else. One of the most exciting things about living in Tempe is being part of history in the making.

Tempe is part of one of the country’s largest metros in the country, and while it may not look like a “big city” yet, there are a lot of development plans to significantly expand the city over the next few decades.

Opportunity Is Everywhere

Being in a future major city that is under development means that industry dominance is up for grabs to any entrepreneurs or corporations that want to play the long game and set-up shop in Tempe.

Businesses across industries have been moving to Tempe, causing it to thrive as a bustline office, retail and multifamily market. Health and technology companies have started to establish a strong presence in the city.

Tempe Values Green Spaces and Walkability

Tempe places as much value on its recreation, sustainability and green spaces as it does on its industrial development. Tempe is Arizona’s most walkable city. It’s laced with greenbelts and pathways that make the city easy and safe to navigate on foot or by bike. Tempe celebrates its centrally located “A” Mountain and accessibility to Papago Park, Tempe Town Lake and dozens of other community parks. The city has a comprehensive open spaces plan and an Urban Forest program.

Location, Location, Location

Tempe residents get the best of all the Valley has to offer. The city is perimeter by freeways, making it easy to get anywhere in the state fast. The airport is only minutes away, and the city’s light rail connects Tempe to multiple stops in Phoenix. Whether you want to go to a Cubs game in Mesa, go to nightclubs in Scottsdale or a foodie destination in Uptown, all of the hotspots are a quick drive or affordable Lyft ride away.

Tempe is a Hidden Investment Opportunity

Phoenix has some of the highest rising rents in the country. It’s really on a matter of time before the high volume of ex-pats, affordability and job opportunities in the Valley drive up the cost of living. Rising rents and home prices are already noticeable in Tempe, Phoenix, and Scottsdale. However, Tempe’s rates are slightly slower than its central neighbors. Tempe has incredibly high appreciating home values, and home prices are cheaper than Arizona’s other metros. Due to the high level of visitors, Tempe also has a higher return value for rental residential properties.

If you’re considering moving to Tempe, you’ll need an expert that can uncover the true gems in this up and coming urban core. Click here to connect with us!

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