5 Ways to Support Locally Owned and Independent Stores in Your Area

Dated: July 31 2021

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Many people are surprised to find out that Arizona is one of the most entrepreneurial places in the country. With the state's streamlined regulatory system, lower cost of living, and strategic location, starting a business here is truly a cinch.

And as the country reopens following the pandemic, you now have a chance to support the many local businesses that serve as the backbone of Arizona's economy.

Explore your neighborhood

Communities harbor a surprising number of local businesses you may not even know about. When you get the chance, take a look around your neighborhood or ask your friends about shops they love patronizing. You can also use apps like Yelp or Google maps to locate small shops that you may have missed. Keep an eye out for boutique shops, mom-and-pop stores, and specialty retailers that could be hiding right under your nose.

Make it a part of your budget

If you've got money to spare, set aside part of your budget in support of small businesses. For example, you could commit 10% of your monthly spending towards local entrepreneurs. You could also select certain product categories (e.g. personal care) and source them exclusively from boutique sellers. Either tactic ensures that you're putting your money where your heart is.

Eat out

Few industries felt the effects of the lockdown as much as the restaurant industry. Now that all COVID-19 restrictions have been lifted and about half of Arizona’s population is vaccinated, it's high time to show food joints some love. Haven't gotten the jab yet? Many restaurants now offer takeaway or food delivery so you can savor their specialties right in the comfort of your own home.

Shop local

Arizona may be in the heart of the Sun Belt region, but it has no shortage of quality produce. And many of these fresh crops are sold at farmers’ markets in cities like Phoenix, Scottsdale, Chandler, and Tempe. Even better, many merchants now accept cashless payments, further minimizing person-to-person contact. Not only will you get the highest quality fruits and vegetables, you’ll also help smaller farms thrive.

Tip generously

It's not just local businesses that need support but their employees, too. And as it happens, many people working in the service industry rely on tips to bolster their incomes. Whether you're dining out, having a nightcap, or ordering a cup of coffee, consider leaving more than the standard 20% tip. Your generosity tells workers that their efforts — especially during these challenging times — are truly appreciated.

Get the word out

As people often say, the best form of advertising is word of mouth. If you truly love a local restaurant or store, feel free to share it with the world. You'd be surprised how a post on social media or a referral to your friends can boost their sales. You could also leave a positive review on Yelp to make a small business more visible on Google search results.

Supporting local businesses means investing in your community. And when a community thrives, everything from property values to the quality of life improves. So don’t forget to root for the little guys during these topsy-turvy times.

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