5 Summer Indoor Fitness Activities for the Family

Dated: July 17 2021

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Fitness buffs are undoubtedly relieved that gyms in Arizona have finally reopened late last year. And with the COVID-19 vaccination program in full swing, there are fewer and fewer restrictions on outdoor activities.

However, if you haven't gotten the shot yet or you've canceled your gym membership over the long lockdown, don't fret — there are many ways to stay fit indoors during the summer. Even better, these ideas are perfect for the entire family!

Give "exergaming" a shot

Technology is so ubiquitous that it now figures even into our workout routines. Take for example exergaming, technology-driven gaming that also requires you to be physically active. And devices like virtual reality (VR) headsets only make this activity even more immersive and enjoyable. There are a plethora of experiences to choose from, too, including dancing, boxing, tennis, and rowing. Who says you need a clubhouse or gym membership to enjoy all these activities?

Make your own obstacle course

Obstacle courses are all the rage in the fitness world because of the challenging yet unique experience they provide. But what if you don't live close to one? Then simply create your own! Turn your living room into an obstacle course for the family by utilizing items like jump ropes, hula hoops, benches, and chairs. You can also require each participant to do a set number of squats or pushups between each station to make things more challenging and fun.

Turn TV time into workout time

If you're like most families, you gather around the television at night to catch your favorite shows. Instead of watching the TV commercials, though, you could turn them into mini-workout sessions. That is, perform circuit exercises during commercial breaks, such as crunches, burpees, and planks. Not only will you get your blood pumping, but the breaks will pass by in no time, too.

Hold a weekly sports night

The great thing about playing sports is that it’s both fun and a form of exercise. If you have a big enough yard, you can convert it into a field where you play football, soccer, basketball, or whatever sport your family enjoys. You'll likely need to purchase a few pieces of equipment (like basketball hoops) but they are much less expensive than renting out a venue. To make things more competitive and exciting, you can divide your brood between Team Mom and Team Dad.

Do yoga Jenga

What's better than one family activity? Two activities, of course! In yoga Jenga, a family member performs a corresponding yoga move each time they successfully pull out a block. If the pile topples during their turn, they have to perform a plank for 30 seconds. You can up the ante by assigning more advanced yoga poses to more difficult blocks.

As you can see, keeping your family fit and entertained doesn’t have to be expensive. With a little imagination, your home can be your very own fitness center.

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