How to Enjoy Watching Basketball at Home

Dated: September 25 2021

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There’s something to be said about sitting courtside in a stadium, but streaming the NBA playoffs can be just as exciting as watching live basketball. If you’re staying home, there are small things you can do to make live streaming a major event. Here’s how to make game night more special when watching NBA basketball online.

Make sure you have a good connection

Avoid the frustration of laggy internet connection by checking with your provider before the game. To enjoy their live games and scores app, the NBA recommends a broadband connection of 800 kbps or higher or an internet connection speed of 3 mbps or faster to enjoy high video quality.

Your computer or device should also meet these minimum requirements for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. Making sure that you have a good device and decent internet speed will help you make the most of your NBA live stream.

There are also other streaming services that screen NBA games. These include WatchESPN, Hulu Live, and Direct TV.

Watch with friends and family

Make it more special with friends and family, especially if you have basketball fans in your circle. There’s nothing like bouncing off the energy of other ball fans and making speculations as to who will win. You can have them over or sync your viewing schedules so you can watch each other’s reactions online.

Prep your space

If you’re watching at home, there’s no reason not to put your feet up and be more comfortable. So pull your favorite chair, turn the AC on blast, and add pillows and blankets to the couch. Whichever part of the house you decide to watch your game - the patio, living room, kitchen, or private theater - make sure it’s comfortable and that there’s enough space, especially if you’re watching with other people.

Prepare your favorite snacks and drinks

Buy your favorite snacks and drinks so you’ll have something to munch on during the playoffs. Make a trip to the grocery store before the game and pick up some chips, nachos, beer, or soda. Better yet, why not have a cookout in time for the match? This will turn your online NBA viewing into more of an event.

Join the conversation online

Join the Twitter-sphere on the day of the match. Read updates, find out what other sports fans are saying, and share your own thoughts on the game. The NBA has a robust online following, and you're bound to find a community that shares your passion for the sport.

Bet with friends, family, or other sports fans

Think you know who’ll win? Why not bet on it? A friendly sports bet with friends and family can make things more interesting. But if you want to raise the stakes a bit, try online sports betting to add more excitement to your NBA streaming. This will acquaint you with other sports fans with equally strong opinions on who might win.

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