Kid-friendly indoor activities to beat the summer heat

Dated: July 10 2021

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Kid-friendly indoor activities to beat the summer heatWith temperatures at times soaring, Arizona’s summer heat can be punishing (and unsafe over long periods of exposure). Shoo your kids indoors without taking away an ounce of fun.

Beat the heat with these kid-friendly things to do in Arizona during the summer.

Unleash their creativity

Plan a day of drawing, sculpting, or painting indoors to fuel your kid’s creative passions. Staying cool inside isn’t the only advantage of working art sessions into your kid’s summer schedule. Art is a healthy and effective way to develop motor skills, introduce problem solving, and encourage experimenting. Art sessions also offer an ideal opportunity for you to bond with your child over a fun activity.

Make reading fun

Take your kids to the local library and instill a lifelong habit of reading. Local libraries often have summer reading programs for kids, where they receive small prizes or tokens for books that they read.

Trips to the local library can also allow your child to discover their own interests. Librarians and other staff are often ready to consult if you don’t know which books and media are appropriate for your kid’s age.

Books aren’t the only things your kid can enjoy at the library. Audiobooks and DVDs provide an equally interesting alternative to reading. Both train your child to learn how to take in information in different ways.

Make a mess in the kitchen

Cooking a meal with your kids can build their appreciation for food and the process of getting it ready. The process also gives picky eaters more time to become familiar with new ingredients, making them more likely to eat the food once it’s cooked.

As a complex process, cooking also teaches kids to use several of their senses at a time and how to follow instructions – especially if they lead to something yummy. Cooking together also develops their curiosity for food and shows them how important teamwork can be.

Pretend they’re mad scientists

Cultivate curious minds and introduce your kids to important scientific concepts at the same time. Try out any of these experiments with your kids the next time it’s too hot out:

The experiments above are only a few examples. Check out this page to browse through a collection of other fun experiments your kids can do.

Suck on popsicles and chill

It’s okay to lounge and relax. For days when the outside heat makes you and your kids too sluggish for physical activities, crank up the air conditioning and watch a movie. Have your kids pick what they want to see and treat them to special snacks like ice cream, popcorn, pizza, or ice pops.

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