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Kid-friendly indoor activities to beat the summer heat

With temperatures at times soaring, Arizona’s summer heat can be punishing (and unsafe over long periods of exposure). Shoo your kids indoors without taking away an ounce of fun.Beat the heat

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A quick guide to music festivals in Phoenix this 2021

Many events and things to do in Arizona early in the year have been canceled or postponed because of the changing circumstances caused by the pandemic. Most of the live music events for this year

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Best places to watch 4th of July fireworks in and near Phoenix, AZ

While several venues in the Greater Phoenix area have not yet confirmed Independence Day celebrations this year due to the lingering effects of the pandemic, you can still enjoy a fireworks show.The

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Play your own Grand Slam Tournament on these 3 tennis court surfaces

Avid tennis fan? Then you know that not every tennis court is the same. Each surface will change up your play and the outcome of a game.You don’t have to play on the world stage to discover

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