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Home Improvement Activities That Are Perfect For Father’s Day

Is your dad the Mr. Fix It type who loves the challenge of doing DIY renovations? Then one of the best Father's Day celebration ideas you can try is helping him complete projects around the house.

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Short-term Rentals in Pinetop—The Professional Advantage

It’s the perfect summer vacation—Pinetop, Arizona in Navajo County has something for everyone. Golf, tennis, hiking on the Mogollon Rim, horseback riding, fishing on four major lakes,

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Air Conditioning Maintenance Tips Before Summer

With the warmer days of summer just around the corner, your air conditioner will soon be seeing a lot of use. If it’s not properly maintained, however, you might find yourself braving the

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Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Veteran and Military Homes

As you wind down your service to the country, there’s one thing you’re likely mulling: buying a house when retiring from the military. It’s actually an excellent choice given the

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